Muhammad Umair

Jul 12, 2018

Politics has multiple aspects that must be understood for establishing a sound system of government in the state. Public Opinion is one among those aspects.

Modern state is at once master and servant of public opinion. Public opinion is an expressed idea for without expression an idea cannot be opinion. Lord Bryce defines public opinion as an aggregate of the views men hold regarding matters that effect of interest community. It may also be defined as collection of individual opinions on an issue of public interest. Briefly, public opinion needs four essentials: individual opinions, public issue, communication media and relationship of influence between leader and the led. But how individual ideas transform into public opinion? This happens through crystallisation process. Collective behaviour and crowd mentality may also play role in it.


As far as majority public opinion is concerned, it is something that satisfies the general interest of people and aim at their welfare. It must be based on intelligence, educated opinion and consent of all. Even a minority opinion can become public opinion if it holds common welfare. Further, public opinion may not be merely political. It can also be social.


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