Global Affairs

Jul 08, 2018

We hear a lot about Communism. What is it actually? Basically, it is a socio-economic system or ideology that was presented by Karl Marx and his companion Engels. The manifesto sought huge attention in the world and it was even adopted by some states as their ultimate political and social ideology. This concept was actually presented in the renowned book called Communist Manifesto. In this famous book Marx and Engels suggested following necessary steps to establish the ideology of Communism:


⁃         Abolition of private property

⁃         Establishing a progressive income tax

⁃         Abolition of inheritance rights

⁃         Confiscation of property of rebels and emigrants

⁃         Controlling and centralising transportation and communication

⁃         Abolition of child labour and free education

⁃         Improving agricultural and industrial setup


In the current scenario, no state has true form of Communism. There are countries like China, Cuba and Vietnam which proclaim themselves to be Communist nations but actually they are blurred or modified forms of communism. They use both the policies: communist as well as capitalist.

Despite the fact that most of the nations have capitalist system now, communism still remains as an important ideology in the world with many followers and supporters. 

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