Sohaib Ahmad

Jul 01, 2018

It is an indisputable fact that the right choice of a career,from the very beginning, on the part of a student or his parents towards his future as per his wishes and talent paves the way for a successful educational journey till the end.

In the developed countries, career counselling is in vogue where the future of a child is determined through specially designed tests called “aptitude tests” which focus solely on the predilection of a child towards a particular field of education in which he will have smooth sailing, as per his interests and bent of mind, in the latter stages of his educational career.Thus, a strong foundation is laid that causes a child develop his latent abilities fully and appropriately.

It is interesting to note that the educational progress of the developed countries owes a lot to their career planning and counselling facilities for their students who are shown right and clear direction. These countries utilize the true potential of their students and reap the benefits in shape of industrial and technological revolution.

But, sadly speaking, in the third world countries where educational facilities are already substandard, the idea of career counselling or educational planning is non-existent. In these countries students are forced into selective professions thus totally disregarding their wishes and interests. As a result, their talent and time are wasted making them totally ineligible for any meaningful contribution towards the progress and development of their country. They are not turned into valuable assets through career counselling and increase the already worse ratio of unemployment and useless human resource. 

Albert Einstein says, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. ”

In our country,Pakistan, the situation is no different. There are no facilities of career planning and counselling available to millions of students studying in govt-run institutions. A large number of students follow a direction that is against their wishes and interests. There is no proper system of guidance for them. As a result, many students become allergic to their studies and drop out before completing their education causing the country an irrepairable loss.

It is a clarion call for the eucational planners and policy makers of the country to overhaul the out-of-date education system of the country and provide career counselling facilities in educational institutions to tap the true potential of a large number of our talented and bright students turning them into valuable assest for the country. If we succeed to inroduce such a system of educational planning and career counselling in the early stages of educational life of our students, our country will experience revolutionary strides in the field of science and technology. Thus, we will be able to transform our youth bulge into useful human resource that will boost up our economy and Pakistan will emerge as a strong economic power capable of pursuing independent national policies without surrendering its sovereignty to foreign powers.                

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