Pakistan Affairs

Dec 28, 2017

A Spanish author Leonard Mosley has given a tribute to Quaid-e-Azam using these words; “Pakistan is one man’s achievement.” This statement is explicit enough to give us a view that how the ideology of Muslim Nationalism grew in the period after 1930. It was Jinnah who not only propagated this theory in the political arenas of British Raj but also brought Muslims on one platform to put it into effect.

The most important aspect where we can find Jinnah pursuing the Two Nation Theory was his presidential speech at the annual session of Muslims League held on 22 to 24th of March 1940. A resolution famous with the title of ‘Lahore Resolution’ was presented on 23rd March and it was unanimously accepted on 24th of March was the first such document in which creation of Pakistan was demanded for the first time from the platform of the League.

Jinnah while addressing the giant gathering of Muslims at Minto Park Lahore said: “It has always been taken for granted that the Muslims are a minority; the Muslims are not a minority. They are a nation by any definition - by all the canons of International Law we are a nation.”

He further added; “India is neither a nation nor a state. It is a sub-continent composed of various nations. Hindus and Muslims are the two different religions, philosophies, social and cultural setups – they belong to two different civilizations which are based mainly on conflicting ideas and conceptions.”

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