Global Affairs

Dec 21, 2017

Muslim Ummah, in haste of establishing a common platform for empowering its voice, seems to have misjudged and miscalculated the facts regarding disparity and the cleavages in itself. Though, it was founded on the principles of Islamic Ideology and Pan-Islamism which has been reflected as, ‘problem faced by one Muslim is problem of the whole Muslim Ummah’; but the sectarian, ethnic and political conflicts among them has weakened its basis. Further, the vested interests of its own member states conflict with each other’s and this has fogged the zeal of unity with which they joined the common front. A recent picture in this regard came in view when the OIC remained helpless to do anything material following the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Embassay. The gains of the organization might have been obvious if its stubborn attitude over the deadly assaults in various states of Muslim world would not have overshadowed them.

The conference ‘OIC’ is often termed by analysts as ‘Oh! I see’; which unfolds that snail’s pace of this organization in responding to any issue affecting the Muslim world. Among other issues like, the plight of the Muslims in Myanmar; the Israeli devastation of the Gaza strip in past; the crimes committed by terrorist groups such as ISIS and now reinvigorated Palestinian cause make it hard to believe in the effectiveness of this very organization. The organization needs more effective measures with unity and cohesion. 

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