Pakistan Affairs

Dec 19, 2017

One can hardly speak about ideology and nationalism wihout taking into account the words of K.K. Aziz: “When nationalism is on the rampage, no semantic defences will hold the storm; people make their own definitions and die for them.”

If we consider the evolution of nationalism in Indian Sub-Continent in this context then there is no doubt that the Muslims made their way to success after having defined their sprit of nationalism in the famous words; “PAKISTAN KA MATLAB KIYA, LA ILLA HA ILL ALLAH”. And pursuing this belief they sacrificed their lives in every storm they faced.

Whenever we talk about ideology of Pakistan, the first thing that encircles over minds is the famous slogan of Pakistan Movement. This sentence carries much more potential to explain the real meaning of Ideology of Pakistan which when amalgamated with Two-Nation Theory, led to the demand of the formation of a separate homeland.

It was the lesson of history of Muslim rule in India since from the day when Qasim’s invasion brought Islam in this land that, Muslims have a separate distinct recognition. They are a nation which is not only different from Hindus in their customs and moralities but their monotheistic religion also defines a different pathway for them.

Beyond the Hindu system of caste and creed, Muslim nation believes in equality and justice. How could the unjust British Raj rule over the Muslims when their own rule in Sub-Continent was the propagator of justice and equality? Did Qasim not appointed Hindu men in his administration? Did Akbar not bring them to his palace? Did Jahangir not treat them well?

Now, how Muslims could have let themselves and their posterities to remain subject to the rule of an alien. Jinnah said once that, ‘Pakistan came into existence when first Hindu was converted to Islam.’ This religion was a mean to distinct, to separate and to recognize the Muslims as nation in Sub-Continent. It was the ideology of this religion in fact which laid the base of Ideology of Pakistan.

Despite all that historical evolution which helped to define ideology at various stages; the nation remains confused regarding its true identity. Either we are unable to understand this identity or we have never accepted an identity engineered for us. 

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