Global Affairs

Nov 06, 2017

The arrest of several ministers and princes in the wake of anti-corruption drive in Saudi Arabia has shaked the Middle East in political terms. What apparently seems to be a Game of Thrones in the Kingdom, is actually much more than that. It begins from the time of Arab Spring when anti-government revolutions led to ouster and decline of several rulers in region. Saudi Arabia was among those countries which survived this political catastrophe. Further, the U.S. sponsored this Arab Spring but, somehow protected Saudi Arabia from its clear impact. That could not work for long as U.S. remains under constant pressure from international community and public opinion to stop supporting the dictators of the Kingdom.

Now came the moment when Saudi Arabia was made to feel the necessity of social liberalization and democratic participation. Thus, a scripted policy came from the Trump Administration which has been accepted by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Suleiman. In this wake of this policy, the government has taken first severe action against the critics of the ruler. Perhaps, it is the simplest possible way we can understand these complex changes in traditionally dormant Saudi Kingdom. 

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