Muhammad Umair

Oct 23, 2017

What makes United States the greatest power on earth? Besides certain material factors playing vital role in this regard, it is a spirityal thing which gives the U.S. immese energy to dictate the world. That very thing is liberation and strenth of its people granted to them by the famous “Bill of Rights”. The Bill is closely linked to the “Declaration of Independence”. The link was in a sense that, the declaration was a composite of causes which led the congressmen towards formation of bill of rights. This declaration clearly explained that, “All men are born equal and all have been bestowed with the “Unalienable Rights” of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men that govern them with their consent. And whenever any government becomes destructive of these ends, it is right of people to alter or abolish it.” So, we can see that this document along with taking into account all the usurpation of the king also highlighted the concept of fundamental rights for the aggrieved masses.

History of America reveals that the country suffered a lot amid the imperialistic brutality of the Great Britain. But when they got freedom, the founders of the constitution tried to add provisions to the constitution to prohibit all those acts of cruelty which the monarchs inflicted upon the poor Americans. The bill of rights tried to redress the grievances of the citizens by introducing a number of unalienable fundamental rights along with a few crucial freedoms. The four crucial freedoms in the American constitutional history appear to be following;


·       Freedom of Religion & Speech

·       Right of Privacy

·       Right to Fair Trial

·        Universal Suffrage

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