Pakistan Affairs

Sep 27, 2017

Today, country is again in sort of political crisis. Some are even fearful about Martial Law. How history explains the imposition of first Military Rule is here: The newly born Pakistan was facing tremendous challenges in every walk of life. More particularly the struggle to ameliorate the grief of the immigrants was affecting the gradual growth of other state institutions. Being a security conscious state, Pakistan which even had no constitution of its own witnessed military as a rising pillar of the state. From the very first the armed forces of Pakistan were provided with every possible penny in order to wall our borders firmly.

Thus, time was not far away when the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah left the embryonic state and the situation got worst when Liaqat Ali Khan was assassinated. A vacuum of political leadership was created. The inefficient politicians of the later years could not play role in strengthening the constitutional setup in the country amid their political rivalries. Power was being misused in order to settle political scores.

The role of military in this regard was limited yet present. They were familiar with the political issues of the state. As according to Dr. Hassan Askari, military was influenced by a culture of coups across the world. It sought such ideas from Middle East, Eastern Asian nations and South America. Most of the countries in these regions came under one after the other martial law. Coupled by this factor and domestic political crisis of Pakistan, General Ayyub has no excuse to avoid military rule. That was the step which made Pakistan’s system pay for the coming decades.

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