Global Affairs

Sep 26, 2017

In the contemporary situation of Afghanistan, there are voices to start negotiations with the Afghan Taliban. That is though not the idea President Trump shares yet, it might gradually aim round among the Afghan national government. Seeing this aspect, there is need to revisit the history of this Taliban faction of which readers are least familiar.

Emerged from Southern part of the region round about in 1994, a handful Madrisa-students later recognized as ‘Talibans’ were backed by Pakistan’s secret agencies since from 1995. It is also believed that the ISI played role in founding Taliban in pursuance of ‘Strategic Depth’ for creating circumstances in Afghanistan which would be favorable to Pakistan.

Taliban laid the foundation of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and ruled over it from September 1996 till the American Invasion of 2001. This reign strictly based on the Shariah implemented by Taliban gained diplomatic recognition by Pakistan, Saudi and UAE only; while strongly condemned by international community particularly due to their decision to hang former communist president Najeebullah, violation of human rights, harsh treatment with women and it added fuel to fire when Iranian diplomats were killed in 1998.

The support of Pakistan for Taliban regime apparently collapsed when President Musharraf gave verbal assurance to Bush administration who was on voyage to hunt down Bin-Laden; a rich Saudi militant enjoying the hospitality of Taliban and was believed to be the think-tank and leader of the organization which was liable of 9/11 terrorist attacks on US. Till today, this faction has not laid weapons thus, marking serious question on the uncertain future of country. 

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