Pakistan Affairs

Sep 19, 2017

No matter how ignorant, public opinion matters when it comes to representative democracy. This factor can be witnessed in the recently held NA-120 bye-elections in Lahore. Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) – party of the disqualified Prime Minister – won defeating the rival Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf. Even though Nawaz Sharif was declared dishonest, most of masses said β€˜yes’ to his command and voted in favor of the party. Still, more interesting fact is that, this was not an absolute victory. In fact, as compared to the election of 2013 in this constituency, PML(N) has lost considerably its popularity among voters. It had elected Nawaz Sharif from here with a decisive difference of over forty thousand votes but, this time that margin has been reduced to mere thirteen thousand. That is and should be something more challenging for the party rather than superficial celebrations of victory. As far as PTI is concerned, it needs to work a little bit harder. The party has tried well to bring the voters into its circle. Being vigilant and keep on changing the public opinion for the next few months is something that might help PTI in attaining the ultimate victory in 2018 General Elections. 

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