Pakistan Affairs

Sep 17, 2017

Havin spoken in previous article about the two major un-noticed challenges posed by CPEC, here a few more shall be assessed. Amon the environmental and strategic issues Pakistan might face in the wake of CPEC, there emerge more considerable issues as following:

·        CPEC redefines the Baluchistan’s security problem. Pakistan’s forces might claim to have it under control but occasionally marked terrorist and separatist activities may gradually boil the trust of Chinese investors. Baluchistan is facing fifth separatist movement since the first in 1948. This militancy poses greater challenge when seen in the context of CPEC whose immediate destiny lies in Baluchistan’s Gwadar port.

·        CPEC is eroding preference to Pakistan’s exports. With the possible influx of Chinese products in Pakistan; the local industry and products will remain undermined in terms of economic and trade value.

·        CPEC has posed the challenge of market access for Pakistani merchandize. Pakistan might face it hard to seek meaningful market access in the wake of unfavorable Free Trade Agreement with China.

All these issues are of vital important in determining Pakistan’s engagement with China and benefits from CPEC. These challenges need to b resolves in prior basis. Further, the government of Pakistan is bound to let the real issues known to the people. CPEC is for sure something preferable for economic benefits of the country but, it should not be just used to aim political advantage. It should be carried out in a way that brings material advantage to the people of Pakistan. 

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