Global Affairs

Sep 17, 2017

With the recent Trump Administration’s policy on Afghanistan declared, it stands obvious that the US is not ready to leave this South Asian country any sooner. It is quite a contradiction developed now; US is neither willing to negotiate with Taliban nor actively indulged in crushing them. What experts like Fareed Zakaria believe is that, ‘US foreign policy is bankrupt’ in this context. But that might not be true. Assessing the other side of the picture, US has smartly prolonged its stay in Afghanistan. If that is true, then what are its interests in doing it so. Here are some assertions in this regard:

·        US is less interested in solving the problem of Afghanistan and more concerned for preventing Russia and China to play considerable role in this war-battered country.

·        US wants to contain Iran from rising in the South Asian region and the former’s stay in Afghanistan will make the task easy.

·        US has established a reliable alliance with India and the former’s presence in Afghanistan will help this alliance to row stronger on Asian rounds.

·        Lastly, it is perhaps one of the essential phases of the new great game which casts the eyes of bi powers in untapped natural resources of Central Asian Republics.

With all these objectives in visions, the solution for Afghanistan’s political future is something of least importance for the United States. 

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