Muhammad Umair

Sep 05, 2017

Communism and Education are two significant features of Plato’s Republic. Plato just like Athens’ democracy also condemned its privately administered education system. He stressed upon the need of equal opportunities of education for men and women. According to him, failure in giving a viable education system to the people was the cause of ineffective leadership of Athens

Plato gives his two-phased plan for education in his ideal state;

1-     Elementary Training for Citizens upto the age of 18

During the first phase, Gymnastic and Music are to be taught. Plato was aware of the importance of sound body for healthy mind. Music was to be taught not in the sense of playing musical instrument but making students acquaint of poetry and literature most of the time. At the age of 20, student will be given military training.

2-     Second Phase

After tough scrutiny from the first group of students, the talented ones are to be selected for the next phase. It last for fifteen years. During the first ten years mathematics and astronomy was to be taught. Then in the next five years philosophy was to be instructed.

As a final result, those who successfully complete this venture at the age of 35 were called for holding various civil and military posts in order to practically implement their learnings. Further, among them who reached the age of 50 serving the state were to be made the Guardians as an honor to them. 

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