Pakistan Affairs

Aug 17, 2017

Society is among the best creation of human being. Being the manifestation of man’s sociability, society has stood for centuries and will exist till the last day. There might be a change or complete transformation in the condition of state but, rarely there will be any replacement of society. The issue, however, is not about the existence of society; it is regarding health of social fabric. Such fabric is made of customs, values and social practices. When individuals tend to behave in a socially acceptable way, the fabric remains strong. Contrarily, it tends to collapse in case the social behavior is abnormal.

Following a general view, there shall be specific consideration over the social fabric in Pakistan which is rapidly deteriorating. The county might be getting stronger to defend its borders, there might be progress in economic and technological realms but socially, it is being challenged by the invasion of undesired yet liked traditions. In fact, the nascent culture of Pakistani society is seeking an utter replacement by a set of practices which never existed in the social circle of Sub-Continent. Need of the hour is to focus on proper socialization of the young ones as they are the cause of this change. If they can be socialized with the spirit of Pakistan’s true culture, we will be able to repair the damages caused to social fabric here. For this very purpose, the agents of social change i.e. educational institutions and religious mentors must play a constructive role. 

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