Pakistan Affairs

Aug 15, 2017

Following the Apex Court’s disqualification verdict against former Premier Nawaz Sharif, the latter kept himself suspended in a political paradox. His prolonged stay in Islamabad and Murree reflected how hard the choices ahead were. At last, the decision was made. Discarding the proposition of Shahbaz Sharif and senior parliamentarians like Ch. Nisar; Nawaz opted to leave for Lahore by the Grand Trunk Road. The plan was to leave the capital and its surrounding regions in complete pomp and show yet, it collapsed. Throughout the journey, the popular participation was least. Despite the immense amount of money spent by the local officials for PML (N), the rally to Lahore could not gather the expected and desired mass except in Gujranwala and Lahore – the populated centers of the party.

Now, when the rally is over, question remains that what it has brought for the former Premier and at least for what is was attended? Most probably, the rally was not aimed at what happened in the past; in fact, it was directed for what is going to happen in the months ahead. In simple terms, the rally was a manifestation to draw and divert attention of masses from the reality. Nawaz wanted to prove himself innocent among the masses even when the Courts find it otherwise. He wants to seek enough support to challenge the ongoing crisis against his family. Unfortunately, this could not be realized. The popular support will not be with him this time. 

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