Global Affairs

Aug 13, 2017

The United States of America had somewhat rough patch with North Korea after the origin of the latter. Relevant reasons in this regard are mostly of ideological and political nature. Simply saying, North Korea with the contemporary kind of regime is totally unacceptable for the United States. The problem has always maintained its roots intact yet, the crisis did not meet the present level. Question arises that what factor is escalating the level of conflict?

Perhaps, it is obvious: the mad leadership on both the sides. North Korean leader Kim has always been a bit rebellious of the international system. Further, the isolation of this Asian nation – which was followed by repeated U.S. sanctions – kept it adamant from engaging in any sort of constructive dialogue with the regional or global stakeholders. Such a reality is nothing less than a huge diplomatic blunder on the part of United States. Now, speaking of the American leader Trump; he is just beyond any positive expectation. Trump is behaving not like the President of a super power but as immature leader of some third world nation. He is answering the missile tests of the North Korean regime with threats of military action.

Both need to move a step back now for the sake of international peace and security. This might be possible and easy with the active interference from China and other powerful nations. In any case otherwise, if some unwise is taken from either of the side, the future history will regard it as a tale of two mad men who destroyed the global peace. 

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