Pakistan Affairs

Aug 10, 2017

Since the country’s foreign policy has collapsed in the recent years, the nation is now being forced to witness the wrath of another enemy and this time towards our West. Traditionally, Pakistan has remained overwhelmed with Indian security threat. It, however, did not maintain healthy relationships with its Western neighbor of Afghanistan. Pakistan’s establishment has pursued an abortive policy of ‘Strategic Depth’ there.

The policy might have sought some good results in the beginning but following the 9/11 incident, it badly failed. The said incident led to the American invasion of Afghanistan. It was something Pakistan did not want but, had to accept anyway. Decade after the American invasion, now, Afghanistan blames Pakistan for the crisis it faces. This blame is being fueled by the Indian nationalist government of BJP. The worst scenario is that, Pakistan could not devise a good foreign policy towards Afghanistan even in the past four years.

Now, the situation has gone grim that Pakistan is building a fence with the Afghan border – a region from where threat to the national security was ever anticipated. What’s done cannot be reverted except with renewed comprehensive and a bit passive approach. Pakistan needs to rebuild its confidence with the Afghan state not through the military but by diplomatic mission. In any case otherwise, Pakistan will feel being squeezed between the two hostile neighbors which desire nothing but the instability of Pakistan especially after the inauguration of economic projects like CPEC. 

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