Saba Khan

Aug 09, 2017

Henry S Commager, an American historian wrote, “A people without a history is like a man without memory”. But the problem with Pakistani society is we are interested in our selective rather than the collective history. We, as a nation, must remember our past failures to assess the present situation. 

It is my strong belief that if we learn from history, we cannot repeat the same mistakes again and again. And, if we are unwilling to learn from history we will repeat it again. 

Why Pakistan lose half of the country in 1971? Because when a handful of military and civilian bureaucracy imposed their decisions and rules on the majority, the situation was bound to aggravate. We need to respect mandate and will of the majority. After the disintegration of Pakistan, Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, exulted in a public meeting, “Today we have erased the ignominy of a thousand years of our dark history”. She was referring to the very long period of Muslim rule in the Indo-Pakistan sub-continent started from the rule of Muhammad Bin Qasim.

If we peruse our history we will conclude that even after the disintegration of Pakistan the main problem Pakistan has been facing is the adverse civil-military relations. Pakistan loses billions of rupees every year due to anarchy resulted from the adverse civil-military relations. Civil governments do not trust army and the army use their puppets to create difficulties for the civilian government. After the announcement of China-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC), another conspiracy to oust the civilian government was started and is still continue to date. Only during the 126 day sit-in Pakistan lost more than 140 billion rupees due to delay in the implementation of the CPEC. Continuous anarchy is still hampering political stability and economic growth. 

Thus we need to implement a broader agenda. An agenda of acceptance. We need to make sure that our country should run according to the constitution of Pakistan where institutions should remain in their respected domain. We need to abandon our nature of leg-pulling and conspiracy. Pakistan has suffered a lot because of internal war on petty issues and is still suffering. So, we need to amend our attitude.

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