Global Affairs

Aug 08, 2017

History has witnessed two World Wars in the 20th century. In each of these wars, the major actors were obviously the contemporary powerful states like United States, UK, Japan, USSR and Germany. But, the strange fact is that these states have always been mature enough to start a war. They never indulged themselves openly into the conflict unless and until certain edge was reached. In other words, none of these states were among the countries where the war started. Wars always erupt in smaller states over potentially minor issues and ultimately turn into great catastrophe with the indulgence of greater powers.

This reality depicts an important lesson of warfare that no matter how smaller the conflicts are, they need to be settled domestically and without letting the foreign powers interfere. It is usually after the interference of foreign powers that local problems become international and the global community divides thus nations drawing daggers against each other. Even today, the world might be safer yet, remains under the risk of conflicts. The world has an international forum in the shape of United Nations Security Council to maintain peace yet, it remains vulnerable to the power politics played by the major states through their pawns existing as smaller nations. Need of the hour is to further restrict the factors which lead the world towards great catastrophe. Power politics cannot be diminished but, it can be restricted to a safe circle which does not invite threat of war. 

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