Pakistan Affairs

Aug 06, 2017

The hype of Panama Judgment is over but not its impact. With former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif disqualified, PML (N) has embarked on offensive r rather than defensive politics. The case with the rival PTI is not much different. With the hope to oust the present ruling party in the upcoming elections, PTI is hitting back. The impasse does not seem to end soon. In fact, that is the beginning of an unpleasant and undesired politics giving the glimpse of 1990s Pakistan. In no way, the ongoing trend is healthy for the economy and security of Pakistan. At last the country is healing from the adversaries of terrorism and moving out of economic isolation but, the immaturity in politics might once again turn the eyes of investors away from Pakistan. That will serve neither the intentions of PTI nor those of PML (N). Ultimately, the external factor will interfere to sort out the problem. But, that should not happen. Providing an excuse to military in solving the civilian crisis can once again show the former the way to constitutional power. Political parties of Pakistan should criticize each other but not to the extent that it destroys civilian mandate. It should not be to the extent that it invites the boots to ramp over the constitutional achievements. There is need to find political solution for political problems. But, in no way, it should be seen as a proclamation encouraging or safeguarding corruption in Pakistan.  

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