Mashal Eman

Aug 01, 2017

Pakistan's media and artificially created anarchy!!

Media is the form of mass communication, which can include broadcasting, internet etc. Nowadays media is playing a crucial role in any society. It is playing an important role in character building and increasing public opinion. With the liberation of media in Pakistan, media is now the backbone of the society. It has been getting stronger day by day. Especially electronic media is spreading rapidly across all over the world so fast that it is now easily accessible to anyone throughout the world.

ANARCHY is the situation in which someone uses his powers without any authority and most likely nowadays it is assumed to be disturbance, chaos, disorganization etc. It was thought that society will face anarchy if there is not freedom of media, if someone is not free to speak or write without any boundaries. It was therefore thought to be necessary that media should play its role without any restriction.

Due to freedom of media, there are many advantages as well as disadvantages. If media actually knows its responsibility and if it performs its functions in the right way, society will prosper and can be made stronger. But unfortunately, as everyone has the right to ‘speak and write’ according to the constitution of Pakistan, 1973. Different aspects of society are highlighted, i.e., positive and negative. Positive things may help in producing the soft image of Pakistan, but due to bad aspects, society is facing many problems too.

It’s like a race for every channel to get high ratings, even if it is not an official standard for measuring viewership. Everyone is trying to win and they don’t thing whether they are reporting about truth or not. Crimes are reported more than the good deeds. Especially in newspapers, majority of news are about the crimes and restlessness in the society. If there is a crime, victims are thought to remain in spot light for longer period of time. They do not thing that a person is already in problem and they are showing their problem to whole nation. it is like they are taking advantage of their problem and then they show off that they were first to show it to whole world.

News is presented in a way that only promotes people interest, it is not even considered whether it is true or not. Many media groups totally change the concept of news and divert the minds of people towards a totally irrelevant issue and then people don’ even remember the actual one. Pakistan’s media is also playing a role as a biased media. They only highlight one side of an issue.

Media should be a bridge between nations, but unfortunately there is media war all over the world. It is the responsibility of media to be moderate on material they are presenting t the nation, especially in crimes related news. It should focus more on educating people, because media is the main platform on which maximum people have their believes, people believe on which is presented to them.

So, it is time to realize their duty and should to remove this artificially produced anarchy. It is the only way through which a better image of Pakistan is presented to the world and Pakistan will prosper and made stronger one day. In shaa ALLAH.

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