Global Affairs

Jul 30, 2017

Nations tend to protect their interests in the region as well as beyond it. For this very purpose, multiple kinds of policies are adopted including those which might be offensive or defensive in nature. Speaking of South Asia, China has always maintained its defensive approach while pursuing its interests. It did not resort to violence or warfare because these are the policies that any rising economic power can’t afford. But, now comes the problem. India, which has historical territorial conflict with China, is not inclined to give peace a chance. Despite the defeat it faced in 1960s after engaging in war with China, India is again warming up its borderline.

It is clear that China is a power mightier than India but that does not eliminate all the risks attached with the contemporary scenario. The real risk lies deeper. It might be easy for China to keep India busy at its borders but that will also divert the attention of Chinese ambitions. China wants to be a power not only in the region but also across the globe. This does not seem possible without getting a more mature attitude from India. It goes clear that India cannot defeat China militarily in a combat over the conflicted territory but, it can drown Chinese ambitions by keeping it engaged in a worthless and unproductive regional conflict. Ultimately, the loss of China would be graver if this aspect of present times is not checked with due diligence and foresightedness. 

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