Pakistan Affairs

Jul 29, 2017

Following the ouster of Nawaz Sharif as a consequence of the apex court’s judgment, the ruling party PML (N) is rarely laving any chance to cash the maximum political sympathy. Prior to further exploration in this regard, the question arises that such sympathy really matters? Perhaps, the answer is yes. Political history of Pakistan reflects how such sympathy repeatedly brought victory for various entities in general elections. That should not let be repeat because the choice of representatives shall be based on reason and rationality instead of backed by emotions or sympathy.

Coming back to the main aspect, it should be assessed that how the ruling party is cashing political sympathy? Primarily, it is being done by using the tool of self-pity and declaring oneself innocent despite all the irregularities that have become apparent on their part. Secondly, through emotional speeches, press conferences and worthless protests; the party in power is giving an impression that its leadership has been made victim of some external agenda. Thirdly, the party is continuously misguiding the masses and confusing them with partial interpretations of the judgment thus seeking their ignorant support. Fourthly, the party leadership is using the name of different development projects it accomplished to seek the maximum possible sympathy.

Need of the hour is that, opposition parties shall unanimously approach the masses and let them know about reality in the simplest possible terms. Without this awareness, the upcoming general elections will be clouded once again by ignorance rather than reason. 

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