Global Affairs

Jul 29, 2017

Nation States understand the importance of power politics. They tend to enhance power in every possible way. Whether it is military strength or economic welfare; power in any dimension remains the chief concern of global politics of realism. Following the 2nd World War, the United States of America was perhaps the prominent country to survive with immense military and financial power. The USSR tries to counter it but collapsed after six decades. Now, is the era of China. It might not be a super power like the United States but its gradual rise is surely marking psychological impact on the minds of international political players. China’s strategy of rise stands out to be multidimensional yet simple: it is not offensive but defensive; not encroaching but opportunistic. China found opportunities to excel in trade, commerce and technology. To the surprise of all, it did achieve commendable in these ventures. 

Besides these areas of interest, China maintains an implicit agenda to mark its influence in Africa – a continent that might be termed as the poorest in management. China is investing billions in different countries of Africa. That is not something a short term plan but a long term policy. Perhaps, China sees Africa in the same way as the United States saw war-wrecked Europe in 1945. As the US is harvesting benefits of its historical investment in Europe so will China from its economic ventures in Africa. There are risks involved but minimizing them will render Africa as an economic colony of China. 

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