Pakistan Affairs

Jul 29, 2017

Finally, something most feared yet most expected got realized in the historic Panama Scandal judgment by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. It can be termed as a glimpse of judicial activism but, more than that, it is being adorned with the title of true justice. Whatever, the case may be; future history will assess it better. What remains worth considering now is the political scenario in a Post-Decision Pakistan. A commendable thing in this regard is that the ruling party acquiesced to the apex court’s judgment without creating an unnecessary mess of situation. Even greater aspect is that, power transition within the party is going smooth. These are the real virtues of politics and democracy which the governments in Pakistan lacked for decades of the past.

Thinking a little ahead, what political future the masses can see in Pakistan? Apparently, democracy will survive, political parties will seek maturity, institutions will seek strength and corruption will be discouraged. But, a lamentable factor is that of politics based on victimization and revenge. That is what we may fear in the political future of this country. Political parties, which are now at daggers drawn after the Panama Judgment, will tend to establish an informal political attitude of leg pulling. That might be in the limited interest of these parties but, it will certainly prove adverse for the system. This fear needs to be taken care of. An undeclared personal tussle among political parties can be avoided when institutions are strong and independent. 

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