Kanza Noor Abbasi

Jul 28, 2017

        Being a doctor is one of the best professions and I believe that most of the people become doctor to serve humanity for the sake of Allah. Doctor is a very responsible man. He takes care of his patients and treats them with love and pleasure. Doctor is a selfless person that's why he even treats those who are poor and cannot afford their treatment. But I guess I'm wrong because in the modern era that doesn't happen and I'm gonna explain it in this brief essay.

        First, I'm gonna write about gynecologists. Gynecologists are very responsible because they treat pregnant women but nowadays some of the gynecologists don't treat their patients like they should. When a couple conceive a baby by normal delivery, they have to pay much less as compared to an operated one but nowadays when a couple is going to conceive a baby via normal delivery their gynecologist convince them somehow that they couldn't do the normal procedure and their last option is operation that's how they deceive their patients by making up stories. In some cases operation is literally the last option but we are not talking about that but we are talking about those who lie about it and don't care about their patients, that how many consequences she, the mother, will have to suffer after the delivery.    

      Secondly, as we all know the conditions of our hospitals both govt. and private. People always point out the lacking of govt. hospitals but they also have to consider that the govt. hospital charges are much less than the private ones. Well, most of you have heard about the govt. hospital issues so lets jump to the private ones. Most of the private hospitals take very good care of their patients even after their death. I have listened a lot of cases regarding private hospitals that some of them give their internees serious case patients which is not legal, some keep their patients into their hospitals even after their death and charges the amount of room or bed of patient continuously to their family members which is also not legal and right. 

     Now lets come to the upcoming doctors that means those students who are working so hard to become a doctor. Well, most of the Medical students have an aim of writing their name after the word "Doctor" but if anyone asks them why they want to become a doctor ? Most of them have a same answer and they will answer it without any hesitation that doctors earn a lot and everybody wishes to be rich.

    The conclusion of the whole essay is that nowadays most of the doctors don't treat their patients as they should. But there are still some gynecologists, surgeons and others who are working so hard to make a difference but because of money loving doctors they are also considered wrong. Even there are also some people who are not doctors but worked so hard for the betterment of people like Edhi Sahab did and others.

     My whole point of this essay is not to talk against doctors but to convey the message that those who deceive others to earn money, they are not earning Halal, so they must consider it before doing it. People concern the doctor because they trust him so doctor must give them the correct advice which is better for the patient or Best for the patient. And we all should respect those doctors and people who are working so hard for the betterment of others. And we all must teach our children and younger ones the importance of serving and helping others not the importance of money. Earning money is not wrong but by deceiving others i must say it is.

                 "Allah loves those who loves his fellowmen"

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