Tehreem Shah

Jul 27, 2017

“Without economic development, any potential for political

Openness and freedom will be questionable”

CPEC is economic Corridor so it justifies our political openness and freedom, now question arises that what is CPEC? CPEC is the project including roads, railways, energy projects, pipelines and telecommunication projects which connect Gwadar port of Pakistan with China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang with 3,218 km long route. Gwadar is the warm water and deep sea port of Pakistan. It is situated at cross junction of international sea shipping, oil trade routes and 624 km nautical on east of Strait of Hormuz which holds 2/3 world oil reserves. The Corridor is an extension of China’s proposed 21’s century Silk Road initiative.

 Silk Road concept refers to both the terrestrial and the maritime routes connecting Asia and Europe. This is why CPEC is called Silk Road because it is just the reinterpretation of old Silk Road Philosophy to expand trade and swell geographical access. This is the largest international investment of 57 billion dollars in Pakistan ever which would not only enhance our economic prosperity but also develop our standing stance on international platform. Government is going to introduce tax free investment and trade on Gwadar to attract foreign investors and reserves which definitely increase our economy soon. Our GDP growth rate reaches 5.28 percent in 2016-2017 which is highest in last ten years. And 4.6% increase in Net FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in 2016-17. While during economic and infrastructure development there exist also some social risks and benefits induced on society.

Another biggest social challenge will be inter provisional grievances that could harm not only this project but our national interest too, so feelings of harmony and unity should be created in provinces through proper enlightens and learning, because national consolidation is the common factor of interest for all provinces which could brought to light through media, seminars and speeches. CPEC project will help Baluchistan to grow socially and connect it to the outer world.

Albert Einstein said that:

“Politics is more difficult than Physics”

He could be wrong because he was human but he wasn’t. Present political instability in Pakistan    proves that politics really swings like a pendulum. Question is that what they really want? Gearing to siege the Capital is a move which depicts that in our country even our Capital is not safe. What kind of message the opposition parties delivers to the investors, businessman and tourists? Is this our Pakistan? No it isn’t but our silence paints this picture in outer world that Pakistan has the culture of violence. Countries suffer not because of the violence of the bad people but because of the silence of the good people, so we should not be silent on this political revenge we should crumple their efforts for our national esteem. They purely apply political statement that:

“If you can’t convince them confuse them”

And that’s exactly what they are doing confusing us. Some Baloch Militants and nationalist have also opposed CPEC projects. Government should teach them about the different national benefits from CPEC through different resources, because these fears are the results of unknowingly and illiteracy. Don’t wait for aid for development because we don’t need it what we need is to just try hard for trade and investment for development of Pakistan and doing this we should never forget our national integrity and security.

Tehreem Shah

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