Anusha Siddiqui

Jul 23, 2017

With a situation of lawlessness in the country, it could be depicted from the situation that poor people suffer greatly due to the means of poverty but the elite and the ‘untouchable’ class of a society rarely get affected. The threat to human rights, democracy and freedom is easily identified when a country’s government is ineffective or is unable to work efficiently anymore. The policies of a government under anarchy can be really threatening to the poor while they may not affect the elites as much.

The policies of governments are based on the suggestions of these elite officials who do not have awareness about the problems of a common man. These elites are usually handed everything over on a silver platter and they do not necessarily know about the troubles and obstacles of people in general. Heavy taxes and unemployment crush the people and they are forced to live below poverty line. The suitable medical facilities are not provided to people and they are forced to get treatment for private clinics which are too costly. Sometimes they are unable to get treatments and they end up surviving over the last minutes of their lives. A country under the state of anarchy is more likely to be majoring the profession of farming more than any secondary or tertiary sectors of a business. The lands are now unable to cater to the growing demand and growing population, and a farmer then has to divide his already inefficient farm, due to low capital investment, in his sons. After division the land is not sufficient to support a family. Now the families of his children are suffering and spending their lives below poverty line. The government is unable to introduce proper laws to counter poverty and hence, poor people are left unnoticed. The elites earn a huge amount of their income through illegal means; by corruption. Corrupt people keep on obtaining resources illegally, leaving less or no opportunities for the people who may actually need those resources at that time which leads to common man in miserable conditions. With the elites focusing entirely on earning money for themselves, they use public taxes for their personal usage as well. They stop investing back in merit goods like education, which directly affects the literary rate in a respective country. Most people are then unable to adopt technology, which is why their business does not meet international standards and results as decrease in revenue leading the society to poor financial conditions and an increment in people living below poverty line.

Elites have then stored an adequate amount of money to fend for themselves and their families in the most lavish way possible, and the poor struggle to live in the conditions available to them because they cannot complain and sue someone who is stronger than them in every aspect, which is how anarchy affects poor people more than it affects the elites present in a society. 

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