Pakistan Affairs

Jul 23, 2017

The Panama case hearing after JIT’s report met a successful end this week. But, judgment is yet to come. Several expectations and fears are being anticipated in this regard. Contrary to that, things are simple now. Primarily, one thing is clear. That court would order to register cases against the members of Sharif family in the lower courts or it will refer the charges either to National Accountability Bureau (NAB). There is also a possibility that the court refer the matter to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Whatever the final decision may be, further investigations will be proposed.

Secondly, the most important question remains about the disqualification of Premier Nawaz. One of the petitioners has called for the Premier’s disqualification under Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution. There are two possibilities in this regard: either he will be disqualified or not. Court can disqualify Premier on the basis that he neither provided money trail for his assets nor he mentioned about them with the Election Commission of Pakistan. Contrary to that, court might not disqualify him believing that this would deprive Mr. Sharif from his right to appeal against the decision because Supreme Court is the ultimate forum. However, this point does not discard the possibility of disqualification because Article 184(3) of the Constitution gives the court inherent powers in this regard. The decision of the court will surely be comprehensive, historical and legally sound backed by reason and logic. 

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