Pakistan Affairs

Jul 23, 2017

There are important things in life and there are more important ones as well. The entire setup goes wrong when one prefers important things over more important things. The same principle works in the lives of individuals as well as those of states. Like individuals, states also need to prioritize things. As far as its primary duty is concerned, state is responsible for welfare of the masses. The welfare includes provision of basic necessities and protection of their rights. But, situation is different in practice. Government in Pakistan has set a wrong priority. It has prioritized infrastructural development over provision of fundamental needs. This thing has compromised the living standards of people and their psychological satisfaction. Here we can see a rush in building roads and bridges; inaugurating tunnels and erecting skyscrapers. Contrarily, little attention is being paid to food, health, education and services.

This wrong setting of priorities has introduced cultural lag in Pakistan. The country is ahead when it comes to the material development but it is behind in terms of intellect, awareness and understanding. Despite the demand of society to alter this course of governance, a small yet elite class is keeping the government on the same unwanted track. For the sake of profit for a few, the welfare of many is being undermined. The masses of Pakistan need to keep this aspect of politics and governance in mind while they go for ballot. Electing those who will hopefully prioritized welfare of people can by the only solution. 

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