Pakistan Affairs

Jul 20, 2017

History narrates a fact vociferously that governments in Pakistan have always claimed to have brought the country at the apex of economic development and advancement. But, every time, the facts spoke differently. Every time the exaggerated claims of different governments got exposed. How all that happened and why it continues? That is the query we should be interested in solving today.

The governments in the past made such claims and they continue to do so because of some implicit reasons. Primarily, the politics in the sub-continent is more of slogans than of results. This thing has ultimately led towards the infusion of a political culture in which betterment is exaggerated in words only. Secondly, politicians in power have always played with the psyche of the masses. They have not been concerned about what people deserve or what they need. In fact, they have been concerned about how to use them and what to promise them. This game of exploitation kept them in power.

But, in almost every government, there came a time when the reality was exposed. That time was usually some political crisis. In such scenarios, public would come to know that they have been pretty much kept in dark and all that was being claimed had been nothing else but smoke screens. This is our history. There is hardly anything different today. The ruling government of PML(N) claimed that it has heightened the economic level of Pakistan. But, the fact unveiled itself as soon as the Panama crisis overwhelmed the ruling family. 

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