Global Affairs

Jul 20, 2017

The United States of America and Russia do not share a history of cozy relations. In fact, USSR - the predecessor of Russia – remained engaged with the United States in Cold War that lasted for over four decades. This is not only about political history or ideological clash; it is also about the public opinion. The masses from both the countries have rarely shared positive opinions for each other. The history of US-Russia relations is bed of spikes. But, an unconventional reality is being marked now. American people are being compelled to see and experience what they never thought of. President Donald Trump of the United States is forwarding a hand of friendship towards Russian leader Putin. He is not at all critical of the Russian system. In fact, he is an admirer of Putin. Trump has defended Putin and his moves during and after his campaign.

Both the leaders recently met on the sideline of G20. The meeting was annoying not only for the people of United States but also for the European nations. The latter are more critical of Russian politics. They never want United States get closer to Russia. But, here is the reality. Trump has smashed down the hopes and expectations of Europeans. He seems more obsessed with Putin than keeping any regard for Europe – a continent for which the United States stood through every thick and thin after the 2nd World War. President Trump in moving against the historical facts and there is much to watch what comes next. 

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