Pakistan Affairs

Jul 18, 2017

An unending series of hype, sensationalism and negative propaganda is common on the electronic media these days. News channels are broadcasting entertainment more than they bring information. It is for sure their fault that they do not minus sensationalism from news. In fact, they are making it spicier according to the taste of the nation. PEMRA needs to mend the way of these channels.

Next is the hired political workers who are tasked on daily basis to speak in front of the cameras without keeping in mind any care for manners, morality and civilized behavior. They have been taught nothing but illogical emission of words. They do it to defend their respective political parties no matter how obvious things are. But the question arises, why they do this way? What’s the agenda behind their approaches? It is simple. The agenda is based on a famous prose which states; ‘when you can’t convince someone, just confuse him’.

This is the policy working here. Nation is being confused. In the context of ongoing legal battle in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the political workers from almost all major parties lack the capacity to convince the entire nation. Thus, all of them are confusing the masses with their conflicting and clashing opinions, narrations and slogans. This needs to end and it will not till we the people are not ready to discourage listening to such crap. And, it is not going to happen till media acts responsibly and brings us real news instead of mere biased shouting. 

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