Global Affairs

Jul 16, 2017

Following the G20 summit in Germany, Europe is now openly expressing its fears attached with the presidency of Donald Trump. For decades after the 2nd World War, Europe has enjoyed the cooperation of the United States in economic and security advancement. The winds are however, shifting now. President Donald Trump is not ready to bear the burden of European affairs any more. Previously, he withdrew America out of the Paris Climate Pact. This was something explicitly criticized by the European leaders. Later, he pledged to pull the American funding from NATO. That was more annoying. Traditionally, America had been the spine of NATO and with that out; European security will become vulnerable to the reviving Russian ambitions.

On the sidelines of G20 Summit, President Trump had a meeting with the Russian counterpart. The meeting is being defined as important. Commentators state that the meeting was not like the traditional ones. It was pleasant and warm. That might be good for the US-Russia relations but not bearable for the Europeans who always prefer a line between Russian Federation and the United States. Specifically speaking of Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel detests these moves of President Trump. She sees Europe losing the backing and support of the United States.

Whatever the consequences of these moves are to be, Europe needs to revitalize an effort to convince Donald Trump for cooperation. In any case otherwise, European shall now prepare to rely on themselves particularly, in term of security and sovereignty. 

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