Pakistan Affairs

Jul 14, 2017

Despite that explicit report of the Joint Investigation Team – which probed into the financial matters of Sharif Family – Premier Nawaz is not resigning. Not only that, he continues to defy the findings of the JIT Report. The worst of all, he is being praised, encouraged and backed by the party workers and parliamentarians in government. Amid this scenario, one thing goes clear that Premier Nawaz is not ready to set some good democratic precedent by resigning in lieu of the severe evidence-based allegations leveled against him. But, a question remains that why he is not resigning? There are a number of factors that might be restricting Prime Minister Nawaz from signing his resign:

·        PM Nawaz might be held accountable in the JIT Report but, he still shares a sense of unwise optimism that Supreme Court might not disqualify him.

·        PM Nawaz sees resignation as a way to accept of all the charges being put on him. To defy such happening, he is avoiding resign.

·        PM Nawaz assumed this post twice in 1990s. Every time he was made to resign in one way or the other. Keeping in view this bitter past; he does not want the history repeat itself this time.

·        PM Nawaz finds immense power to influence the institutions of the state when it comes to his corruption related matters; in any case otherwise, institutions might not feel any heat from him. He is fearful that these institutions will make him pay what he is being accused to have done. 

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