Pakistan Affairs

Jul 12, 2017

With the Joint Investigation Team’s report out, Pakistan is facing immense political uncertainty. Although, it costs little to the laymen but for investors, entrepreneurs and public officials; this ongoing crisis is nothing less than poison. Stock Market is crashing with almost no hope to revive soon. Investors are pulling back their investments. These might be somehow grave things to hear but they are factual.

Besides the impact of political uncertainty on economy, the state institutions are feeling heat from the circumstances. They are being put in condition of clash. Executive seems at daggers drawn against Judiciary and Establishment. Prime Minister, under the unwise advice from his cabinet is not willing to resign. Illogical challenges are being raised against the JIT Report. In such situation, what suffers the most is abstract state of Pakistan. It can be a loss for the politicians too if the boots march into the power realms. To avoid such happening, ruling party needs to play carefully. It needs to act wisely and let PM Nawaz resign from the post and face the court proceedings in honorable way. In any case otherwise, Judicial Activism will mark severely. Seeing the report, there hardly remains any chance for PM Nawaz to retain his position.

The uncertainty will last for a couple of weeks. But, before it is over a number of new problems might surface. In a contrary view, the uncertainty has some benefits as well. It will lead to a purge never seen in the political past of Pakistan. 

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