Global Affairs

Jul 11, 2017

Following President Trump’s visit of Saudi Arabia, the latter brought Gulf region into sort of a diplomatic crisis by squeezing Qatar for its neutrality. Qatar for long had been a small yet important player in the regional affairs. Not only that, but it has also remained vital for the American interests in the Middle East. Now Saudi Arabia is pushing Qatar into isolation and it is taking this step not alone but, with along with rallying a number of other states including Egypt and UAE.

Today, American top Diplomat Rex Tilerson has paid a visit to Qatar with the apparent effort to sort out the regional crisis. But, here develops a great paradox. On one side, USA is believed to have pushed Saudi Arabia for isolating Qatar and on other hand, it is forwarding mediation. This political duality is ultimately going to cost the region. It will keep the states of the Middle East at daggers drawn against each other. That is the kind of diplomacy leading to influence, interference and monopoly of the powerful state like USA among the states of a chaotic region.

It can be promising for the regional states especially Saudi Arabia to sort out the matters in bilateral dialogue with Qatar instead of being a puppet to the Trump Administration. In any case otherwise, the regional stability – to whatever extent it is left – will be undermined and Saudi Arabia will find another country (after Bahrain and Yemen) turning into its enemy. 

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