Pakistan Affairs

Jul 10, 2017

If explained in simple words, the Joint Investigation Team’s report has rendered the Sharif Family bare and naked. This might be a sweeping statement but, that is actually the first impression one gets after studying the said report. Speaking a little about background here, JIT was constituted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan for probing into the corruption and money laundering accusations leveled against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family after they were named in the Panama Papers. Finally, the report was submitted with the Supreme Court today. It has left no ambiguity or duality. With its simple, to-the-point and not-so-tricky language; the report holds Sharif Family in open skepticism. It has explicitly suggested the apex court to refer the financial matters of the Family to Accountability Bureau and other investigative institutes for beginning proper proceedings.

Although, the report is victory of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf but, this thing does not discourage it from being popular one. The Report can be called ‘Popular’ owing to a couple of reasons. Primarily, people of Pakistan perhaps wanted to hear something spicy about the probes into financial affairs of the ruling family and they have heard it now. Secondly, they desired to get rid of the rich elite on the top and they might see it happening soon. Whatever the coming days are going to bring, people of Pakistan shall cherish this very moment. It is success of justice, transparency and rule of law. It is victory of people’s voice and their sentiments. It is achievement of all those recognized and unrecognized individuals who sacrificed themselves for a better system. 

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