Global Affairs

Jul 08, 2017

 ‘Che’ refers to the Argentinian revolutionary Che Ernesto Guevara who fought for the Cuban Revolution alongside Fidel Castro. Being a symbol of armed struggle, Che has been venerated by freedom fighters from different parts of the world. Even Kashmir – a disputed valley in Himalayas – could not resist his charm. His name has been repeatedly used in the past, as a tribute, for the martyrs of Kashmiri Freedom Movement. In past the title Of Che was attached with the name of Kashmiri martyr Maqbool Butt and now it is ought to be devoted to Burhan Muzaffar Wani  – a young Kashmiri rebel fighter – martyred by the Indian Troops in 2016. Wani’s martyrdom reinvigorated the Freedom Movement in the valley. Today, when his death anniversary is being observed in the disputed region, a tribute of calling him the ‘Young Che of Kashmir’ might not be enough yet, it seems appropriate.

Fighters like Che and Wani often go popular. They are respected by the masses but, they are never recognized by the national and international political systems. They might be somehow branded as terrorists by global community at the appeal of oppressors. This thing breeds confusion. Branding them as terrorists not only dishonors their struggle but it also undermines the urge of people to fight against the suppression. The fact is that, they can be called rebels; they can be called militants; they can be called violent separatists but, in no way they deserve to be named as terrorists. A militant or rebel fighter is one who chooses to fight against dominance in extreme manner but, a terrorist is one who uses violence against the innocents to achieve particular gains. This clear separation between terrorist and militant is being blurred by the international community to appease the states like India and Israel which are openly involved in pressing the Kashmiris and Palestinians respectively. That is political hypocrisy leading to the Human Rights abuse. 

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