Global Affairs

Jul 06, 2017

In the Westphalia World Order, states are not equal when assessed in practical terms of power and influence. They might have equal representation at the UN General Assembly but there are some ‘first amongst the equals’ at the Security Council – the most influential body at international level. Usually, one among those firsts plays the role of Global Policeman. Such policeman, if not in all then in most of the ways, shares superiority over the rest of the nations. Its activism and other nations’ passivism render the superior state this role of policing.

The question arises whether it is a good or a bad thing to have Global Policeman. The answer cannot be simple in this regard. It depends on who is the policeman and how it is advancing its national interest along with protecting the international benefits. Take for instance the United Kingdom. It served to be the Global Policeman for centuries but, rarely bothered about what was good for all. It always preferred self-interest over other things. Through colonization and imperialism; U.K. proved itself a bad Global Policeman. Following the end of Cold War, United States took this job. Unfortunately, it is also failing to be in good books of the global community owing to its notorious and violent policing methods. Next might be China and it is hard to say what this powerful economy may bring with it.

Overall, the world has witnessed policemen-states which devoted their attention to secure the self-interests rather than protecting the international interest. This thing surely questions the existence of this informal and undeclared office. 

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