Pakistan Affairs

Jul 04, 2017

Justice is rarely let be served in Pakistan. In the wake of this traditional approach, the present day’s Joint Investigation Team (JIT) - probing into the Panama Affairs -is being politicized, demoralized and criticized without any logical grounds. The government of PML(N) seems clearly in a conundrum where it has failed to keep up its fair policy of aligning with the institutional procedures and policies.

In past, the government vowed to respect the decision of the Supreme Court and let JIT inquire into the monetary affairs of Sharif family, without causing any trouble in this regard. But, now the party practices seem to be violating its democratic vows and slogans. One after the other, the top party leaders are vehemently speaking against the JIT. They are calling it impartial and unbiased without any solid facts backing their accusations. Started by former PML (N) Senator Nehal Hashmi, the JIT is being politicized now even by the party men like Finance Minister Dar. There is need to slow down a bit.

Whatever the objections are now being raised, when JIT is just a few days away from submitting its findings, their nature is more political than institutional and factual. PML (N) needs to keep its promise of respecting the institutions and their working. The party for sure can object on the decision followed by the JIT report but, prior to that, there is no need to politicize the entire process. This dictatorial attitude is yielding nothing but self-destruction for the government. 

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